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Professional Upholstery Cleaning Company in Dubai

Upholstery and sensitive fabrics require specific and delicate cleaning to keep them in good condition and prevent the spread of allergens. Give your upholstered furniture that “brand new’ look with the help of Pure Zone, your trusted cleaning experts in Dubai.

Dependable upholstery cleaning services from the leading cleaning company today

Allergens such as dust mites and mould thrive in warm and humid environments. Your living room couch, your favourite sofa, or your plush office carpet offers the perfect living conditions for these things to grow and spread. If you have experienced itchy eyes, sneezing fits, or bronchitis, you may be suffering from an allergic reaction caused by a dust mite infestation or moulds.

Pure Zone provides tested and proven methods to eliminate all kinds of dust mites and moulds. We will vacuum your upholstery and carpets to remove any accumulated dust or dirt. Our team is trained to handle different delicate fabrics with care, so you can rest easy knowing that your delicate fabrics will neither fade nor deteriorate.  More than cleaning your furniture and upholstery, we will take expert measures to sanitise and disinfect your furniture to prevent any allergens from coming back.

Our field personnel exclusively use products and equipment from Kärcher, the leading brand in non-toxic environmentally friendly cleaning products today. So if you want to give your furniture and upholstery an intensive and professional clean without worrying about safety, Pure Zone is the name you can trust.

Flexible upholstery cleaning services and packages

As a professional upholstery cleaning company, we believe in catering to the needs of our clients at their convenience. That is why we offer flexible service packages that can be tailored to meet their specific needs. Whether you need hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning, Pure Zone can create a customised package for you. We even offer customers the option to schedule their cleaning services as they see fit. This way, we never get in the way.

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Mattress, Carpet, Rug, and Sofa Cleaning Services in Dubai

Research shows that the typical living room sofa harbours more harmful bacteria than the average toilet seat. Keep away from disease-causing bacteria with the expertise of Pure Zone, your trusted mattress, carpet, rug, and sofa cleaners in the UAE.

Sofa cleaning services

Pure Zone provides an intensive cleaning service in Dubai designed to get rid of stains, dust, and bacteria from your sofa and other upholstered furniture. The process begins with analysing the upholstery to determine its material composition. This allows us to determine the most suitable approach to cleaning your sofa without damaging its material. We will then proceed to remove the stains and sanitise the upholstery to eliminate the germs and bacteria living in your sofa. Finally, to protect the fabric from further staining, we will apply a stain guard to keep that “brand new” look for a long time.

Rug and carpet cleaning services

Having a carpet is a luxury. As is often the case with luxuries, specialised care is needed to keep it in pristine condition. Pure Zone specialises in servicing every type of carpet and rug imaginable, from twist and frieze carpets to Saxony and textured rugs. To deliver the best carpet cleaning services in Dubai, our field specialists will closely evaluate the material of your rug as well as the state of any existing rug stains to determine the best approach for the task. This will be discussed with you prior to the actual cleaning process. Once approved, we will test the process on a small section to see whether it produces the desired effect. A positive result will lead to its application on the target areas, effectively eliminating any stains or spots on your carpet or rug. After the process is done, the carpet will be groomed, aerated, and dried.

Mattress cleaning service

Your mattress is where you sleep and rest after a long day. As such, you want it be clean and refreshing. However, a poorly maintained mattress can serve host to all kinds of germs and mites. Pure Zone provides a professional mattress cleaning service in Dubai using eco-friendly and safe sanitising products from Kärcher, the trusted brand in eco-friendly cleaning. We will vacuum your mattress, lift any stains, and apply disinfectant to eliminate any bacteria.


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